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WYSE Thin Clients

Simple: Wyse Thin OS (WTOS)
A simple and optimized thin client that is easy to manage and install. The perfect inexpensive ICA/RDP appliance.

Powerful: Windows CE (Compact)
An efficient and powerful thin client with the right balance of features for environments needing a Windows user interface.

Adaptable: Wyse Linux
An adaptable thin client that is scalable from a simple appliance to robust workhorse.

Flexible: Windows XPe (WES)
A robust and flexible thin client built to run the most demanding local applications including video and Java

Generation: Standard Win 7  (WES-7)  Delivers power, familiarity & reliability of the Win 7 OS in a highly customizable thin client device, out of box support, seamless integration with Win 2008, RDP 7.1 protocol, & RemoteFX functionality.

Generation: Standard Win 8  (WES-8) unleash the power of Windows® 8 technologies in Embedded 8 Standard using a solid platform that fits into existing customer infrastructure.

Next Generation: Win IoT (WES-10)   Powerful new high-performance Embedded OS Standard for thin client and Virtual desktop environments.  A vibrant user experience with outstanding speed and power for the most demanding VDI and embedded Win applications, rich graphics and HD video.