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WYSE Legacy Winterms


The Wyse Winterm's offer the best price and performance in a Classic Thin Client Terminal design. The Wyse Winterm's legacy Appliance provides excellent utility for a broad range of environments. Fully refurbished appliances can offer functionality for traditional environments including terminal emulations for host connectivity, together with connectivity to a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.


Simplicity and Legacy Connectivity for Task-Based Workers

The Winterm 1125SE combines the simple, stateless ease of use and management of the Wyse Thin OS operating system with legacy connectivity. The Winterm 1125SE is ideal for task workers and light-duty office workers who use server-based applications and who need to connect to parallel and serial port peripherals. Like all Winterm thin clients, it is secure, managed, affordable, and reliable

Optimized, Feature-rich Thin Client with Enhanced Windows CE

The Wyse Winterm 3150SE offers the best price and performance in a classic thin client design. Loaded with both legacy and high-speed I/O ports, the Wyse Winterm 3150SE provides excellent utility for a broad range of thin client environments. This new mainstay from Wyse features enhanced video performance in a tight, classic legacy I/O form factor.

Highly Responsive Performance, Compact Chassis, Low Cost

The Winterm 1200LE is a simple terminal for those who need a completely centralized desktop management option. Because the Winterm 1200LE is a completely stateless device, all of the terminal's settings are saved on the server, allowing for more control over the desktop experience. The display-based operating system provides optimized Citrix® ICA and Microsoft® RDP performance, and with all terminal management performed at the server (using existing database programs), it is the most easily managed thin client.